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We buy, develop and manage real estate in Germany. R.E.M.M. has been growing continuously since 1991 and today we own and manage 22 buildings in Berlin and Leipzig, comprising 600+ apartments and 29.000+ m² office space. See portfolio.

The R.E.M.M. Group is a family-owned real estate company. Since its foundation in 1991 the company has been owned by Hargen M. Bartels. R.E.M.M. follows a long-term holding strategy. The real estate portfolio is continuously expanded through real estate developments and real estate purchases. As of 2021, there are 118 apartments under construction.

We follow The Elephant Way.


REMM logo elephant-cutout_edited.png


After 30 years of growth, R.E.M.M owns 22 buildings with 60.000+ m² lettable square meters of office, retail and apartment space.

We look forward to a future in which we continue to provide society with high-quality spaces to live and work in.


R.E.M.M. launches the Hofer Wohnen construction project in Leipzig, building 118 affordable rental apartments for families.


Backfabrik hosts a group of resident artists, giving them space to work and a platform to promote their work. This initiative has continued and is now reflected in the Clink projects.


R.E.M.M. begins construction of penthouse apartments on top of existing multiresidential buildings. By 2020 more than 44 penthouse  apartments had been built.


R.E.M.M. starts leasing of the Backfabrik with focus on digital companies as tenants after the reconstruction is completed.


R.E.M.M. acquires the 27.000 m² - former bakery „Ba-Pro“, located 600 Meters north of Berlin-Alexanderplatz, and modernizes the factory to create a state-of-the-art office loft location, renamed Backfabrik.


R.E.M.M. has grown to employ 15 people working in management, refurbishment and construction of real estate in Berlin.


R.E.M.M. purchases multiresidential buildings in Berlin and invests in their long-term technical refurbishment.


Hargen M. Bartels incorporates „R.E.M.M. Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH“, the nucleus company of the REMM-Group.

REMM logo elephant-cutout_edited.png